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Issue #3

PWAs get add Install button in the Omnibox in Chrome v75

In Chrome Canary 75 on desktop, PWAs get a ⨁ Install button in the Omnibox (aka URL bar) that triggers app installation.

Masterful Mobile Web

Discover just some of the ways the world’s top brands are creating smooth, fast and highly-engaging mobile experiences – and how you can do the same.

PerfLink - Live javascript benchmarking

Write scripts and race them. See results graphed out as you type. Share your findings via URL.

new DevTools profiler captures images

new DevTools profiler captures images of the state of the DOM after each commit

Reducing Notification Permission Prompt Spam in Firefox

Permission prompts are a common sight on the web today. They allow websites to prompt for access to powerful features when needed, giving users granular and contextual choice about what to allow

JavaScript One-Liners That Make Me Excited

One-liners are tricky to maintain (and sometimes even hard to understand) but that doesn't stop them from being cool as hell.

What Does Dark Mode’s “supported-color-schemes” Actually Do?

a user-agent (UA for short) stylesheet determines the default look and feel of a page. As the name suggests, a UA stylesheet is something that is dependent on the UA in question

AskChrome Live

Welcome to #AskChrome Live, a series of livestreams, Ask Me Anythings and other interactive events designed to help Web Developers get the opportunity to hear directly from Chrome experts and ask their burning questions