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Issue #5

Run ESModule in browser, even IE

Introducing `dimport`, an ESModule polyfill allowing you to run `import`, `export`, and `import()` in any browser – even IE!

Introducing Iodide: scientific computing in the web browser, utilizing webassembly.

Data Science right inside your browse, without a server-side component? It is possible!

Accelerated Mobile Pages can now display actual website URLs

Since launching three years ago, Accelerated Mobile Pages adoption has flourished across the web and on mobile. Google announced at AMP Conf 2019 today that it is addressing AMP’s biggest complaint by displaying actual website URLs.

Analyse your React Native bundle in 1 command

npx visualize-bundle allows you to inspect your React Native bundle in just one command and to diagnose big modules.

Learn Web Development with AMP

These three free courses are in use in schools and training programs around the world. Now you can take them here, online, on our site. Suitable for beginners and experienced web developers alike, they will take you from zero to AMP!

Implementing Performance Budgets

40% of brands who optimize for speed, regress in 6 months (Source: Webpagetest.org). In our first #AskChrome live session, you'll learn about how to implement performance budgets to avoid regression.