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Issue #20

Creating a User-Centric Web Push Experience on the New twitter.com

Today, I wanted to get into a little more technical detail about one of our flagship features, and in particular what we did to ensure a great user experience across mobile and desktop.

ES proposal: optional chaining

The following kinds of optional operations exist. The remaining sections cover advanced aspects of optional chaining.

Compile-time vs. Runtime configuration of your Angular App

When you develop a bigger application, chances are quite high that you need some kind of configuration. That can range from simply visualizing the app's version number to injecting custom themes etc.

React + Redux + Comlink = Off-main-thread

To me, React — just like Preact, Svelte or lit-html — provide mainly one feature of interest: Turning state into DOM, ideally in an efficient manner.

Why React Hooks?

React was the most popular and most loved front-end framework in the JavaScript ecosystem when Hooks were released.

Whats new in Chrome v76?

Chrome 76 is rolling out now! It adds support for the prefers-color-scheme media query, bringing dark mode to websites. An install button in the omnibox to make installation of Progressive Web Apps on desktop easier.

Chrome's Lighthouse now shows costly third-party

Third-Party Usage, a new performance diagnostic that shows a breakdown of third-party resources in the page and the time/bytes needed to load them and much more.

Designing And Building A Progressive Web Application Without A Framework (Part 1)

15 min read PWA, Frameworks, JavaScript Share on Twitter or LinkedIn Earn your master’s degree online From Sketch to Angular in 1 click You don’t need to be a Computer Science graduate or know a JavaScript framework to create a Progressive Web Application.

An Introduction to Domain-Driven Design - DDD w/ TypeScript

Domain-Driven Design is the approach to software development which enables us to translate complex problem domains into rich, expressive and evolving software. It's the way we design applications when the needs of our users are complex.