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Issue #22

Largest Contentful Paint

Older metrics like load or DOMContentLoaded are not good because they don't necessarily correspond to what the user sees on their screen.

Chrome 77 Beta: New performance metrics, new form capabilities

It has not always been easy for developers to measure how quickly the main content of a web page loads and is visible to users.

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

While a good TTFB doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a fast website, a bad TTFB almost certainly guarantees a slow one.

More capable form controls

Many developers build custom form controls, either to provide controls that aren't built in to the browser, or to customize the look and feel beyond what's possible with the native form controls.

Keyboard Accessible Perf timelines now available in Chromium

Our team is hard at work adding accessibility support to Chromium DevTools. Take a look at the keyboard-accessible Perf timelines now available in Chromium Beta/Canary/Dev *and* Edge Canary/Dev!