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Issue #38

Animated SVG favicons

In this post, I add a repeating shrink animation to a circle with all three methods, and then try to use these SVGs as favicons.

JavaScript component-level CPU costs

Why do we need to bother with measuring CPU costs of JavaScript? Because these days, more often than not, the performance of our apps is CPU-bound.

Helping to create the Web Almanac

This online report reviews the state of the web across 20 chapters split into four sections. The project was the brainchild of, and led by, Rick Viscomi, one of the HTTP Archive’s core maintainers.

Audit websites automaticallly with Lighthouse

Google’s Lighthouse tool provides website auditing that is both built into the Chrome web browser and accessible as a Node module.

Accessibility Tips for Web Developers

There are at least six key areas of disability we can optimize for: visual, hearing, mobility, cognition, speech and neural.