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Issue #16

List of Chromium Command Line Switches

There are lots of command lines which can be used with the Google Chrome browser. Some change behavior of features, others are for debugging or experimenting.

Why Did I Have Difficulty Learning React?

Working at Abstract meant learning their tech stack. Every company is different, of course. The Abstract product uses React for their desktop app, based in Electron, and their web app

What To Expect When You're Expecting To Drop IE11 🗑️

So you've decided to drop support for IE11 and move onto evergreen browsers only (IE11 is only about ~2% globally). That's great! 🌲

How to publish a PWA on the Google Play store

If you are into web development you might have heard the term Progressive Web App (PWA). It has been floating around for quite a while now and is definitely no longer considered novelty

Gatsby is the future

I think Gatsby is the future of the web. I'm going to explain why by comparing it to WordPress, the go-to platform for websites over the last fifteen years.