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Issue #13

CSS Module Level 4 - Aspect Ratios

if UA stylesheets adopted the rule `img {aspect-ratio: attr(width px) / attr(height px)}`, tons of images on the web get aspect-ratio layout for free!

Want to create responsive images fast?

Determines optimal breakpoints, Generates code and Creates a .zip of responsive images!

CPU Timeline in Web Inspector

Web Inspector now includes a new CPU usage timeline that lets developers measure a page’s CPU usage, estimate its energy impact, and more easily investigate sources of script execution that may be contributing to poor energy utilization.

Making JavaScript and Google Search work together

Googlebot now uses a modern Chromium engine to render websites for Google Search. On top of that, we will test newer versions of Chromium to keep Googlebot updated, usually within a few weeks of each stable Chrome release.

Patterns for Promoting PWA Installation (mobile)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a pattern for creating app-like, instant loading, reliable and installable websites. Although PWAs are available for all devices, including Desktop, this article focuses on mobile PWA install promotion patterns.

Solving probabilities with JavaScript

Remy Sharp asked a question on Twitter that got me thinking about probability for the first time in a while.

The Layout Instability API

Detect unexpected layout shifts in JavaScript. Have you ever been reading an article online when something suddenly changes on the page? Without warning, the text moves, and you've lost your place.

The future of dark mode interfaces

We are now aware of what's happening with interfaces nowadays. Dark mode becoming more and more popular on different platforms and apps.