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Issue #15

How to write great container images

Containers are packed with many misconceptions, leading to disappointing misuse of what's a truly remarkable underlying technology. One very popular misuse of Docker is how images are made.

Bringing service workers to Google Search

Search for just about any topic on Google, and you're presented with an instantly recognizable page of meaningful, relevant results.

The cost of JavaScript in 2019

One large change to the cost of JavaScript over the last few years has been an improvement in how fast browsers can parse and compile script.

Why I don't use web components

None of this should be taken as criticism of the hard work that has been done on web components. It's possible that I have made some errors in this post, in which case I'd welcome corrections.

Vue's Darkest Day

Today I was amazed to see the usually positive and friendly VueJS community descend into a bitter war. Two weeks ago Vue creator Evan You released a Request for Comment (RFC) for a new function-based way of writing Vue components in the upcoming Vue 3.0.

Top tips for web performance

Use srcset to automatically choose the right image size. According to HTTP Archive, a typical mobile web page weighs over 2.6 MB, and more than two thirds of that weight is images. That's a great opportunity for optimization!

A Svelte Chat with Rich Harris!

What an exciting episode for you today!Rich Harris, the creator and lead developer of Svelte and Sapper, joins me to talk all about why he made Svelte, what he's learned from making Svelte, and what he sees as the next big thing he wants to add to Svelte!Have a watch and a listen and let me know wha

Vue/RFC - Expose logic-related component options via function-based APIs

Is this like Python 3 / Angular 2 / Do I have to rewrite all my code? No. The new API is 100% compatible with current syntax and purely additive. All new additions are contained within the new setup() function. 3.0 will support 2.

Announcing Frontity 1.0!

Today, we’re incredibly excited to introduce Frontity 1.0 to the world! ? This is an important milestone for us here at Frontity but also for all of you, who have shown interest in this project and provided support in many different ways since the beginning.