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Issue #36

A minimal implementation of the Twitter Data Saver feature using react-adaptive-hooks

This is a demo of the Twitter timeline implemented using React and Save-Data Hook based on navigator.connection.saveData. It determines whether to load low-fidelity or high-fidelity images based on the user's Data Saver preferences on Chrome for Android.

prefers-color-scheme in SVG favicons for dark mode icons

🎉 Chrome finally accepts SVG favicons now. This means that you can style your icon with inline prefers-color-scheme and you'll get two icons for the price of one!

WebP in its 10th year (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)

What could possibly be interesting about a nearly decade old technology? Plenty! WebP is now 10% of images served in Chrome, with recent adoption in Firefox and Edge finally leading toward a web standard.

Web Performance: Why it Matters

This article was taken from a This Dot Labs Podcast on Web Performance with Rob Ocel, Tracy Lee, James Spivey and Jarrod Overson who is a Director at Shape Security.