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Issue #31

Introducing Create Next App

We're delighted today to introduce the new Create Next App. Create Next App sets up a modern React application powered by Next.js in one command.

Announcing Ionic React

Today we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Ionic React, a native React version of Ionic Framework that makes it easy to build apps for iOS, Android, Desktop, and the web as a PWA.

Firefox’s New WebSocket Inspector – Mozilla Hacks : the Web developer blog

The Firefox DevTools team and our contributors were hard at work over the summer, getting Firefox 70 jam-packed with improvements. We are especially excited about our new WebSocket inspection feature,

Top-level await · V8

Top-level await enables developers to use the await keyword outside of async functions. It acts like a big async function causing other modules who import them to wait before they start evaluating their body.

Recipes for Performance Testing Single Page Applications in WebPageTest

"How To Use WebPageTest and its API" on CSS-Tricks is a nice overview of WebPageTest features by Edouardo Bouças; "Who has the fastest website in F1?" by Jake Archibald