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Issue #33

Automatically lazy-loading offscreen images & iframes for Lite mode users

In Chrome 76, we introduced native lazy-loading for images and iframes via the `loading` attribute - a developer opt-in. In Chrome 77, Chrome Android users with Lite Mode (Data Saver) enabled will benefit from native lazy-loading of images and iframes automatically.

React Hooks for Remote Data Fetching

SWR is a React Hooks library for remote data fetching. The name “SWR” is derived from stale-while-revalidate, a HTTP cache invalidation strategy popularized by RFC 5861.

Auditing For Accessibility Problems With Firefox Developer Tools – Mozilla Hacks : the Web developer blog

Since its debut in Firefox 61, the Accessibility Inspector in the Firefox Developer Tools has evolved from a low-level tool showing the accessibility structure of a page.

Why Is React Concurrent Mode Exciting?

Concurrent Mode is a set of new features that help React apps stay responsive and gracefully adjust to the user’s device capabilities and network speed.

Web application security: what to do when?

Often times, we’re challenged with decisions that have a direct impact on the security of our applications, and the consequences of those decisions could potentially be disastrous.

How to use Puppeteer in a Netlify (AWS Lambda) function

I recently gave a talk at JAMstack_conf San Francisco about how I used headless chrome (via Puppeteer) and Cloudinary to capture screenshots of my interactive caniuse embed.

Github.new , repo.new and gist.new from Github

Want to open a new repository or gist in seconds? http://github.new , http://repo.new , http://gist.new And go!