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Issue #25

Service Workers at Slack: Our Quest for Faster Boot Times and Offline Support

We recently rolled out a new version of Slack on the desktop, and one of its headlining features is a faster boot time.

Maskable Icons: Android Adaptive Icons for Your PWA

Until a few years ago, Android app icons were freeform and could be any shape. This meant that web apps could also reuse the same transparent icon.

What's new In DevTools (Chrome v78)

The Audits panel is now running Lighthouse 5.2. The new Third-Party Usage diagnostic audit tells you how much third-party code was requested and how long that code blocked the main thread.

State Machines in React

One of the biggest pain points when developing an app is the tricky business of managing state. Many bugs are caused by things getting into unexpected states, or by race conditions.

What's new In Firefox v69 ?

Event Listener Breakpoints let you diagnose which code a page executes in response to browser events, unhandledrejection & rejectionhandled are now enabled by default and much more

What are the most (and least) popular numeric font-weight values?

Analyzing stylesheets with a JS-based parser to tokenize stylesheets, and given how popular my tweet about z-index values was, let’s turn our attention to the font-weight property. What are the top numeric font-weight values?