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Issue #26

The State of the Web: Developing with a global mindset

To many web developers, having a global mindset just means translating the content into various languages.

CSRF is (really) dead?

A little while back I wrote a blog post about how "CSRF is dead". It focused on SameSite cookies, a powerful yet simple feature to protect your website against CSRF attacks.

Trim the Fat From Your Bundles Using Webpack Analyzer & React Lazy/Suspense

As client side applications become more complex, their bundle sizes become bigger and bigger.

Making Instagram.com faster (Part 2)

In recent years instagram.com has seen a lot of changes — we’ve launched stories, filters, creation tools, notifications, direct messaging and a myriad of other features and enhancements

Machine Learning For Front-End Developers With Tensorflow.js

Machine learning often feels like it belongs to the realm of data scientists and Python developers.