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Issue #28

iPhone 11, iPadOS and iOS 13 for PWAs and web development

It’s that time again. iOS 13 has just been released with the new branded iPadOS 13 coming in a few days, and iPhone 11 variations being sold from today.

CDN consumption in India

Around 35% of pages requested in India directly hit the origin and Google. It’s important to note that any request hitting the Google’s GFE network is being marked as “Google” in this case

Chrome 78 Beta: a new Houdini API, native file system access and more

CSS Properties and Values, Native File System in origin trials, Don't Allow Popups During Page Unload and more

SPA Tracking & Monitoring

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how the principles of Real User Monitoring, also called End User Monitoring, can help in building and optimizing your single-page application

Optimize images with Thumbor

Thumbor is a free, open source image CDN that makes it easy to compress, resize, and transform images.