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Issue #53

Redefining Code Collaboration

All sandboxes are now live by default. Making collaboration seamless is key to its efficacy, so it's no longer a mode you enable but something that's on all the time.

New web capabilities status

Web apps should be able to do anything native apps can. Google wants to make it possible for you to build and deliver apps on the open web that have never been possible before.

Improving DevTools accessibility in Microsoft Edge

Users of AT may have physical or cognitive disabilities, temporary injuries, hearing or vision loss, or other conditions that necessitate different experiences on the web

Pointer Compression in V8

There is a constant battle between memory and performance. As users, we would like things to be fast as well as consume as little memory as possible.

Full Third-Party Cookie Blocking and More in Safari

Cookies for cross-site resources are now blocked by default across the board. This is a significant improvement for privacy.