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Issue #57

There’s an input attribute for a one-time code

Apparently, that’s something HTML can fetch straight from a message app and use to autocomplete a numeric/password input that has the autocomplete="one-time-code" attribute on it.

is-promise post mortem

Specifically I wanted to be able to import isPromise from 'is-promise'; without needing to have synthetic default imports enabled.

What’s in that .wasm?

We have a growing number of compilers and other tools that generate or manipulate .wasm files, and sometimes you might want to have a look inside.

CSS to create custom variable

The @property is totally new to me, but I see it’s headed to Chrome, so I suppose it’s good to know about!

Storage for the web

Internet connections can be flakey or non-existent on the go, which is why offline support and reliable performance are common features in progressive web apps.