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Issue #48

Fixing memory leaks in web applications

Part of the bargain we struck when we switched from building server-rendered websites to client-rendered SPAs is that we suddenly had to take a lot more care with the resources on the user’s device.

The Impact of Web Performance

In this post, I’ll discuss what I did at ALDO to measure the revenue impact of web performance without having to spend time making performance improvements. I’m going to highlight that performance is a spectrum.

JavaScript Internationalization in 2020

After many years of careful design we’re seeing a lot of the work now coming close to completion with a number of high profile APIs on track for inclusion in ECMAScript 2020 standard!

Gatsby Build Speed Improvements With Parallel Image Processing

Recently, Gatsby introduced powerful open source features that allow massive build speed improvements for sites with lots of images.

What is the FUGU project?

What is the FUGU project? This week the Chrome team delve into FUGU capabilities, and answer your questions.