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Issue #44

Angular v9 & Universal: SSR and prerendering out of the box!

This article and guide is intented to help anybody using Angular v9 getting started with server-side-rendering (SSR) and prerendering their application.

Speed By A Thousand Cuts

In 2019, eBay prioritized a company-wide initiative, aptly called “Speed,” focused on improving the performance of critical eBay flows across all platforms — iOS, Android, and Web.

ResizeObserver in WebKit

For years now, web developers have desired the ability to design components that are responsive to their container instead of the viewport.

Why I Enjoy Svelte

One of the first things that will probably hit you on first contact is that Svelte is very much on the Batteries Included side of frameworks, maybe more than Vue.

Progressive Enhancement In the Age of Fugu APIs

Feature support for core JavaScript language features by major browsers is great. Kangax' ECMAScript 2016+ compatibility table is almost all green, and browser vendors generally agree and are quick to implement

Case study: Moving a Three.js-based WebXR app off-main-thread

Keeping the frame rate stable is vital for virtual reality applications. Off-main-thread architecture can help ensure that the frames keep shipping.