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Issue #66

Refactoring optional chaining into a large codebase: lessons learned

Now that optional chaining is supported across the board, I decided to finally refactor Mavo to use it (yes, yes, we do provide a transpiled version as well for older browsers, settle down).

Improving HTTP with structured header fields

The HTTP community has been busy modernising the web’s protocol over the last decade, with multiple revisions of the core specification.

Everything You Have to Know About Core Web Vitals

There are dozens of web performance metrics we can track. Each one of them has different characteristics and portrays various factors of user experience

This experimental CSS Overview feature is awesome

The Chrome browser is one of the widely used web browsers by developers. The DevTools it bundles within is mature and ahead of its competition.

Dates and Times in JavaScript

imes in JavaScript JavaScript Date is broken in ways that cannot be fixed without breaking the web.