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Issue #64

Understanding JavaScript Execution Context like never before

In this post, we will take an in-depth dive into this concept to find out, it is not only fundamental but, extremely easy to understand.

Make your PWA feel more like an app

Microsoft's PWA documentation agrees, we say it on this very site, and even PWA nominators Frances Berriman and Alex Russell write so too.

2020 Chrome Extension Performance Report

The main metrics I'll consider are CPU consumption, memory consumption, and whether the extension makes pages render more slowly.

CSS Houdini introduction & future of CSS

This post has been originally published on Smashing Magazine and I decided to split it into parts to make it more digestible. I'll be converting the post into markdown and publish a part of it on DEV every week.

Grid for layout, Flexbox for components

My brother is a fresh computer engineering graduate and he is currently finishing his internship in front-end development. He learned about both CSS grid and flexbox, but I noticed a pattern that I see a lot on the web. He can’t decide when to use grid or flexbox.

📢 The Web Vitals extension is now in Chrome Web Store

Instantly measure quality signals key to great UX in one-click: 🎨 Largest Contentful Paint 👆 First Input Delay 💨 Cumulative Layout Shift