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Issue #60

What's New In DevTools (Chrome 84)

Issues tab aggregates warnings from the browser in a structured, aggregated, and actionable way, revert keyword in css and more

Detect inactive users with the Idle Detection API

The Idle Detection API notifies developers when a user is idle, indicating such things as lack of interaction with the keyboard, mouse, screen, locking of the screen, or moving to a different screen

In defense of the modern web

I expect I'll annoy everyone with this post: the anti-JavaScript crusaders, justly aghast at how much of the stuff we slather onto modern websites; the people arguing the web is a broken platform for interactive applications anyway and we should start over; React users; the old guard with their arti

Get things done quickly with app shortcuts

To improve users' productivity and facilitate re-engagement with key tasks, the web platform now supports app shortcuts.